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It's has been almost three years since I was in school and I only worked as a dental assistant for 2 months, not counting the externships I did. I moved to South Carolina in 2007 and have not been able to get a job in the dental field. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY and I'm finding it hard to land a job, let alone an interview. I'm finding that southerns do not like northerns that much. How can I get a job in the field in which i was trained for in a state that is not to fond of northerners and has the second highest unemployment rate in the country?

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You might get in touch with the local or state ADAA association. They might be able to help. Also try contacting a local denta assisting school and talk to one of the instructors. Are you a CDA? Does the state require a license? Have you met all of these? Is there a state board that has someone on the board from the area where you are trying to work?

good luck!

Janice R Harper CDA, RDA
TNDAA, President
Thanks for the information. South Carolina doesn't require you to have a liscense, but I noticed that a lot of dentist are looking for someone who is x-ray certified. I am able to work chairside, I just can't do expanded duty. But I will look into the dental assisting schools. I just may have to go back to school. What a drag.
Contact the board of dentistry there and see what the requirements are. It may only be a short class. In TN the board will accept the certification from DANB. OR a person can take a 14 hr course in radiology for the state certification.




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