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Welcome to all new members ... and don't forget those credentials

So you saw the email blast and the lure of Starbucks cards and here you are, huh? Well, welcome to the community. We're very glad you're here. Of course, the first thing I want to say is thanks for joining and making this your home for interaction and conversation among your dental peers. Secondly, I want to challenge you to make your way around the community and find where you fit in. Don't be a wallflower at the prom ... hop in and start dancing. Join a group that matches your passion. Create a group if you can't find one. Comment on a blog, start a forum, or do whatever you'd like to do to let your voice be heard. We ask that you maintain a professional attitude (in other words, don't bash someone's views just because they aren't yours) and have some fun. Any ideas for the community? Drop me a line.

P.S. Don't forget to add your dental credentials (if applicable) after your name. It will help others in the community know immediately if you're a dentist, RDH, assistant, etc.

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You guys are tearing it up! Get the word out to your friends to come and be a part of the community.
Thanks for the e-mail! Good idea!
hey thanks!!! i'm pretty excited to be here :)
cuz there are things that i think about and wonder if anyone else in our field thinks the same thing...
Maybe you should check out the Professional Dental Assistants" group.

Thanks, Kevin. I'll try to behave myself
Thanks for the welcome! I love Starbucks, and it was an incentive to join.
I'm wondering if any hygienists are working with lasers for perio patients, and how it is going? Please let me know.
I am so interested in that.
I also am looking for a position in teaching dental hygiene in a clinical capacity................until I finish my Master's Degree. Then, I hope to be able to teach more in depth aspects! Let me know out there if there is anything open! I have been a hygienist for over 10 years, and I was an X-Ray tech. for 10 years before that. I do have some knowledge to share...........and I am looking forward to more learning too!
Good luck to all! It's so nice to talk the "dental lingo" and know you all understand!
God Bless!
From Michigan..........
We're nearing 800 members this morning. Awesome!
And please don't forget to add your last name! I noticed that there are an awful lot of members who just list first names. Help us get to know you. Thanks....
Hey Kevin!
Thank you for the invite! This is the first one of these community thingies I've joined. I feel sooooo connected now. And the Starbucks incentive doesn't hurt! Take care all. Oh, I will try very hard to watch my #*!#&! language! Frannie
What if I had joined two years ago I would have gotten coffee! That and cheese are my only addictions..well you have me now and you will get very tired of me, I am sure..child see



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