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Enjoy All the Benefits of Natural Teeth with Dental Implants

Whether you have lost one tooth or several ones, you will benefit from dental implants. An implant is like a metal screw that goes deep inside the gums. After the implant is well fixed, it is covered by a false tooth.


With affordable dental implants in anthem, you can go back to your old eating habits. Munch on foods of your choice because the implant will keep the false tooth right in its socket. Moreover, the natural teeth that are still intact will not shift from their place because the implant will act as a strong support to the entire set of teeth.


Are dental implants better than previously used dental bridges?


Yes, dental implants are definitely better. The implants do not disturb the surrounding natural teeth. When dental bridges are to be put in place, the dentist has to graze the adjacent teeth on both sides of the missing tooth/teeth, as they will act as abutment teeth and anchor the bridge in its place.


In most cases, the abutment teeth become susceptible to bacterial growth because grazing causes the enamel to wear off. In such a situation, cavities develop in these teeth and the patient has to visit the dentist for root canal treatment. On the contrary, when you choose to get affordable dental implants in anthem, you will never have to face any such dental issues.


Dentures supported by dental implants


Severe loss of teeth necessitates the use of dentures. Conventional dentures allow the parson to eat but they seldom stay stable. As such, the person constantly lives in anxiety that his dentures might slip off and embarrass him. New age dental technology has made it possible to have dentures with dental implants that fit well and do not pose the risk of falling off.


Young people as well as elderly can go for such dentures without any apprehension. The dentist will just need to check the strength of your gums, as they will hold the implants in place. In turn, the implants hold the dentures right where they have been fixed.


Other than making you carefree, these dentures will also give you the freedom of eating foods of your choice. For your convenience, the dentures can be removed just like the conventional ones. It will help you maintain your regular dental hygiene just like always. If you already wear dentures and wish to enjoy life better, contact an experienced dentist for affordable dental implants in anthem.

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Obviously... Implants are way better! lol



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