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Good Morning,
I am considering a position as a dental sales consultant with a company that has some exciting new products.
I am a seasoned sales professional, with a medical sales background, so dental is new to me.
This company is offering a straight commission compensation program. No salary, and not even a "draw" against future commissions.
The long term opportunities are great, but short term, I will starve.
They asked me yesterday, how many dental offices can I get my foot in the door with their "lead in" product on a weekly basis? It seems to me that "they" should be telling me what they expect. I have no idea how many offices a day will see me.


My question is on average how many dentists per day would you expect to speak with me? I come from a heavy cold calling background so making the visits isn't a concern, however you can only visit so many per day due to drive time, waiting time etc.


Any suggestions???


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Mary...Great questions. Let me ask some of my dental rep friends to help you out with this one...
Thank you!
It's been my experience that it all depends on the office and staff. Some offices have set times that the doctor will see sales reps. They are the best ones, but you have to find out when those times are and get some "sizzle" going with the office gatekeeper. Otherwise, you won't get an audience with the doctor.

The most challenging offices are those where the gatekeeper feels it's her duty to "protect" the doctor from sales persons, because she has complete control over who sees the doctor. Perhaps the doctor has a hard time saying "no" and he or she knows it, hence the gatekeeper says "no" for him or her. But if you can see the doctor off site, then you may have a chance to "wow" him or her with your product.

Some other offices have specific reps with whom they do business exclusively, and those are also difficult to gain access to, but not impossible if you insist that you have something unique, different, or that costs less than something they might already be using and features long-term savings.

In any event, it is essential that you make friends with the gatekeepers. Win them over and you will see the doctors, unless the budget is so tight that they must mail order everything. Also, try to group your calls into geographic areas every day in order to maximize your face time.

In order for you to answer the question posed to you by the company you're considering, you must find out the locations of the dental offices in your territory and the amount of time it takes to get to each one. Also, if you arrive and the doctor has just started a lengthy procedure, arrange with the gatekeeper a time you may return with a good chance of seeing the doctor. Don't sit around and wait; your time is valuable, too! Good luck!
Ted has an excellent point. Our office has one of those disfunctional, non dental oriented office managers who believes she rules. It is sad to feel that we are held in her grip. I know the dentists would love some input from reps..they never get the chance. I know i are the ones that stay on top of what's new..keep at it.
So, Mary R., what have you decided? As Mary Jane indicated, Dentistry needs sharp reps.
However, reps need some support from the home office, too.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. This company is now considering a different compensation plan that they will present to me soon "if" I'm still available. I have other options I'm considering. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for the comments!!
So we have some good suggestions on DSP. Thanks Kevin for posting this on the dark side:) Check out the responses HERE
I read them and agree in concept, but you still could do well in spite of the many challenges. If there's a course in how to get to see dentists, take it. And make sure you have some money in the bank before you attempt to crack this nut.
Hey Mary it while be a bit difficult not having a background in dental, but that shall not stop you either. their is a lot of reps. that sell to dentist/pharmacist/chiropractors without a clue about their profession. But as long as you know what your selling and how to present the value of the products to them you should have a fair shot.

I also agree with Ted, getting past the gatekeepers, is the hardest. Surprisingly many in the front desk have a pretty smile except when it came to sell reps lol
Be a good listener.



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