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Once again, our tax dollars at work telling two consenting adults what they can and can not do with regard to something that has nothing at all to do with, and poses no risk to, anyone else. Were they referring to "Dumb Laws Still on the Books after 100 years?" Probably not.

Just like with medicine, we are not talking about a provocative encounter simultaneous with a patient visit. Anyone would understand that. We're talking about a phone call being made after hours, from the patient to the provider or vice versa. And I'm sorry, it's just no one's business if that phone call occurs, and the receiving party, upon being asked out, says "Yes."

The legal system in this country is either drunk, or addicted to legal drugs like so many others, and it's affecting their ability to think clearly. It's time our legal system enter into a 12-step program. I don't want to hear the argument about handing it over to a God. Just do it. Damnit.


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Oh good Lord....I am still laughing at this. Why in the world would this have even come up?? That's the real question. That dental board must have a state full of rule following professionals giving them NOTHING else to worry about other than whether or not a dental professional is dating a patient...
Let me throw out there that just last Sunday, I went out on a date with a patient. It was my first time to do that but why in the world not??? How many relationships in this world begin in the work place?? What if I worked at McDonalds and went out with a customer? Is there anyone in the WORLD that HASN'T been to McDonalds???
This is just another pathetic attempt at a government agency trying to run people's lives. I think I'll take care of my own. ;)
Unbelievable!!! I wonder who's going to enforce this one -- the dental dating police?



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